Stranger Things is surely one of the biggest things of 2018 and we may even call it a trend. Created by the Duffer brothers, the series has gained so much popularity that it even went on to become Netflix’s biggest hit. The first season released in 2016, followed by the second season in 2017. India was not far behind when it came to following up with this famous show. There were Stranger Things red and black billboards in every corner and the only thing that outnumbered them were the Stranger Things fans. Everyone was talking about this show, be it online or offline and that surely made people wonder what all the hype was about, only until they started watching the show themselves and were hooked.

The show follows the lives of the people in the fictional town of Hawkins, set in the 1980s. The town is no ordinary one, with The Hawkins National Laboratory conducting dangerous experiments that accidentally open a portal to an alternate universe called ‘The Upside Down’ The residents of Hawkins are unaware of this occurrence which is the cause behind several strange and eerie incidences in their otherwise peaceful town. The show is a fictional horror series and it will give you the feel that you get when you read a Stephen King book or the works of Steven Spielberg, which is not a mere co-incidence. The writers of the show intended to capture the emotion that one feels while reading a King book, which is a truly terrifying feeling. Part of the popularity of the show may be credited to the ability of the writers and directors to capture those very emotions and present them again through such great visuals. Not many people would have expected to like Stranger Things when they first heard the story, with it involving children as most of the main characters and an alternate dimension that has monsters who torment the people of a fictional town. Yet, it became hugely successful, especially in India, and that comes across as a surprise. Though we may not be able to exactly pinpoint the reasons for this, we can definitely narrow it down to the stellar cast, with each actor playing their role with so much conviction that we can relate to every single person’s story. The story-line itself is compelling, each episode having an element of suspense. The way it has been directed and shot also has a role to play. The cinematography is commendable and the graphics are world-class. Overall, it is a great watch that will have you hooked from the first episode, for reasons even you may not realise.

Stranger Things may have been a 2017-2018 phenomenon but it is here to stay even in 2019. Call it a show that transcends time or just a very long hangover, it is a series that earned its success and popularity and surely several Indians are glad to have witnessed every minute of it.

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