Suits is an American legal drama show which is about a law firm that’s based out of the oh-so-opulent New York. Well, it’s basically a soap opera with attractive actors and decent location budget. Why do I call it a soap opera? Here, in Suits, with the delivery of every dialogue, it only seems like one character is beating the crap out of the other. Don’t call it aggressive, it’s witty, rather, the wittiest. If you start watching it once it’s guaranteed that you’d be hooked to it.

suits tv show review by we the chic india

So, what is Suits all about? To put in a nutshell, ‘The smartest guy in the room made all the wrong choices’. Suits is all about this one sharp guy, who is Mike Ross (role played Patrick J. Adams) who regrets making that one wrong decision that changed his WHOLE-FREAKING-LIFE. His dialectician boss, the one and only Harvey Specter (role played by Gabriel Macht) tries to have his back somehow every-time. Harvey slays the show with his Specterisms that are a handbook of platitudes for life in a dog-eat-dog world. “Sometimes the good guys got to do bad things to make the bad guys pay”, he explains.

The relationship that Mike and Harvey share on this show is surreal. Their relationship revolves around the concept of trust and maybe for a viewer reinstates their faith in this concept of trust. Suits isn’t the usual hard-hitting courtroom drama, it’s more about a law firm that operates by representing private firms. You don’t need to know the law and its clauses in any way to create a penchant liking for Suits. All you need to know is the way of life and making your way through it.

Characters like Jessica Pearson and Donna only makes Suits better for its viewers. They shower women power and empowerment in their sassy and chic outfits to no boundaries. Louis Litt ‘Litt’s Up’ each time he comes on screen with his demented yet devoted (to the firm) conduct. Suits is a modified and dressy version of Game of Thrones in Tom Fords, if I may say. In short, Suits is messy, classy, and gripping.

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