How could there possibly be a sitcom about zombies? A short, action-packed movie? Sure! One that undoubtedly ends with a miraculous cure found by a group of extraordinarily lucky survivors? Justified, and your audience, pacified! But a whole series with hundreds of episodes strung together surrounding one basic idea? An idea as cliché as a Zombie Apocalypse? These are the questions engulfing every basic mind that has yet to be exposed to the phenomenon that is “The Walking Dead”. A series adapted from the comics with the same name, that has gone on to become one of the most anticipated of its generation, the show breaks the stereotypes not only surrounding human beings today, but even the undead.

the walking dead season 7

This tv show is not one of its kind, and how could it be without any competition in this self-created category. Mind-numbing, mind-boggling and mind-blowing, would not even begin to describe the events unfolding throughout. So much so, that the audience often complains about the first halves of The Walking Dead seasons not going fast enough before being completely flung out of their chairs by an unexpected turn of events that disguise themselves as yet another day in the lives of the not-so-lonely survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. Written almost as if by an actual survivor living among zombies, there is absolutely no compromise with reality when it comes to the story-line. This is quite evident by the fact that the death rate of even main characters on the show exceeds that of “Game of Thrones”. Although there remains the mystery of how, in such a time of crisis, do the survivors maintain their beautiful physiques and luscious hair, nobody minds the eye candy when there is a gore fiesta at every cliffhanger.

the walking dead dont open dead inside

There are no miracle escapes and no magic wishes, even if the wish is for the next season to air before the fans die of suspense. This is an amalgamation of the purest form of horror, the most unimaginable of situations and a good-looking bunch of actors that only add to the list of never-ending reasons to keep the audience hooked. And if I were to ever find myself in a remotely similar condition, my first action wouldn’t be to go through Survival 101s or make a dive for safety gear, but to rewatch the entire series for the fifth time, and I know that’s enough to have me be the last one standing. If you are also one of the millions and millions of crazy Walking Dead Fan, then don’t forget to checkout our official Walking Dead Merchandise.

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