The Godfather is not just a movie it is THE movie. There is nothing about it that you would imagine being any different. It is spellbinding in its artistic perfection and impeccable acting. Based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name, The Godfather takes us on a ride into the world of organized crime. It is now the very definition of “gangster movies”. Bringing out the world of mafias, it has an essence of its own and commands awe and I might go on to say reverence from its viewers.



Pulp fiction is basically a black comedy- a comedy about blood, gut, violence, strange sex, drugs, fixed fights, dead bodies, leather freaks and a wrist watch. The title definitely does justice to this movie that has no normal people and absolutely no ordinary days. This movie to me always seems like a maze that you can’t fully decipher. You might have watched it a dozen times but still the “What’s next?” is going to hover. It’s got a script that doubles back on itself telling several interlocking stories about characters in a world of crime and intrigue. The inspiration of Pulp Fiction is old movies and not real life, so this movie is like an excursion through the lurid images that lie wound up and trapped inside all those boxes on the Blockbuster shelves.


Schindler's List

A movie that shows us the horror that was. It brings forth the horrors of holocaust and war and keeps across us a hero that is flawed – a hero that turned from a perpetrator to a humanitarian. Set in Poland during World War II, this movie follows Oskar Schindler’s transformation from an opportunist to someone who becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis. It’s a movie that you can’t detach yourself from, one that will engulf you in its intensity and have a lasting effect.



This is a movie that has held on to people just with its simplicity. It doesn’t have a complex plot or out-of-the world characters- it is but a warm tale of love and sacrifice. The movie most definitely stands up to its name, as the songs and music are nothing but classic. It is a movie that will make you fall in love with it through an innocence that is reflected by its very plot and backdrop. A movie that you would not only watch again but also sing along to and rejoice with.



A tragic love story set across the exquisitely beautiful cruise of the TITANIC. A life-changing romance eclipsed by the cruelty of destiny that is projected in this movie is bound to hold on to the viewers. You will find yourself marveling at the romance of Jack and Rose and then find in your heart a sorrow as cold as the waters that take along with them the Titanic and the love that was meant to be. What according to me makes it a masterpiece is the fact that you cannot help but think about what could have been! The “unsinkable” ship sank taking along with it mortal human life and the immortal love.

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