Till few years ago, mobile phones used to be gadget only for super important high-flying executives. Not anymore, from young kids to the PM of India, there’s hardly anybody these days who does not carry a phone, it has almost become an extended limb of your body. Whether it’s an iPhone 7 Plus or a Redmi Note 4, we all have one, and carry it more than any other thing throughout the day, right from when we perform the morning chores till we finally shut our eyes and go to sleep.

We The Chic Bhopal Outlet Mobile Covers Display
We The Chic Bhopal Outlet Mobile Covers Display

And for something this important, it is only imperative that we won’t dress it up. That’s where mobile back covers come into play. Some people are fan of simplistic things and just use a mobile case in order to protect their phones, while for some a back case is a style statement, they express themselves, their emotions using a designer phone cover. Through this article, I lay down for you some of the things one should look for while buying a mobile cover:

Print Quality: Whether Mumbai or Kolkata, Bangalore or Delhi, irrespective of which part of India you live in, we all can find basic mobile covers in our local markets and often at relatively cheaper prices, but we go for premium and buy online for a reason, and that is quality and variety. Thus, it’s important to question the brand you are buying it from about the guarantee of print. At We The Chic we use several advanced technologies, thus all our phone cases come with a lifetime fade-proof guarantee.

Design Collection: Mark of a good decent sized company is its investment in designs. For most buyers, design is the ultimate decision-making parameter. And a company/brand/site which can’t provide you that, is certainly not resourceful enough to employ various designers and in most likelihood, is selling a fake unlicensed product.¬†At WeTheChic, more than the product itself our primary focus is always on the design. We commission the artworks of various international and Indian designers and bring to our patrons through a variety of products at affordable prices.

Back Case Material: A good phone cover is one which is hard enough to protect your phone from all the accidental falls etc, yet smooth from inside to not to leave scratches on your phone and also matte textured from outside to provide you with grip which will prevent that accidental phone drop in the first place. All We The Chic Mobile Covers are made using premium high quality polycarbonate material. Carved and moulded in precision labs to provide you with millimetre perfect cut-outs for your buttons, USB, audio jacks, etc.

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