Want to throw a themed party but can’t decide on the theme. Fret not. We have got that covered for you.
Here is a list of some unconventional party ideas you can try and impress your friends.


Breaking Bad happens to be one of the most loved television shows of the age with Better Call Saul out there too, the frenzy is maddening. So how cool would it be to throw a party inspired by Breaking Bad!

FOOD & BEVERAGES :- Keeping the non drinkers and young adults in mind Blue Mocktail Cooler seems to be the best drink idea. It’s super easy to make and blends in with the theme. Following is the recipe (for one batch):

In a pitcher pour

  • Lime juice (4-5 lemons)
  • 2-3 cups of water
  • Blue food colouring
  • Lemon and Lime soda.
  • Use sprite for a sweeter taste.( optional)

SNACKS :- Breaking Bad = Los Pollos Hermanos. Need say any further? Order your favourite fried chicken or make it at home. Serve with your favourite dip and some chilli P. Besides you could order pizza. If you want to serve burgers, name them Heisenburger.
Finally, before serving, add the Gus Fring touch. Get the logo of Los Pollos Hermanos printed on paper or if you happen to be a great artist draw it yourself and get them photocopied. Paste these on napkins or party cups. Give the party something to cheer about.

DESSERTS :- Cupcakes or doughnuts with blue icing should seal the deal. Here too, you can get the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul printable, attach them on toothpicks and add them as tiny banners over the cupcakes.

DECOR :- Make posters or banners out of the Breaking Bad printables. Get some stacks of play money and place them at different corners of your venue. But if you want to upgrade your game, you could turn the party area into a chemistry lab with sets of beakers and test tubes. Fill them with M&Ms or blue and green candies. You could also fill the beakers with water and blue food colouring and add some small chunks of dry ice, to attain the steam and bubble of a real chemistry lab. ** Dry ice is available at your nearest mobile ice cream stand.

COSTUME :- This is where you could stumble a little. However you have nothing to worry. Sport the Heisenberg look, with a thick black, geek styled frame and his signature black hat. You could also draw his moustache. If you really want to break bad, we have loads of Breaking Bad themed t-shirts for you to grab.


FOOD & BEVERAGES :- Remember Joffery’s seventy seven-course wedding feast? Trying to achieve that would be difficult, but if you want to make things fancy, you can certainly use this wedding feast as a reference to set up your Got themed table. Since both the book and television series, describes and shows, all kinds of medieval gastronomical delicacies, your menu card could include the following items:

  • Bread and salt
  • Roasted chicken
  • Mushroom Pies
  • Peas and Veggie salad
  • Baked veggies like sweet potatoes or pumpkin to go with the mains.
  • Soft and fluffy red velvet cakes with buttercream or whipped cream, delicate lemon tarts and cinnamon flavoured apple pies could take care of your sweet tooth.

For drinks, you could simply have wine and whiskey or cocktails like Blended white Russian or even Virgin Mojito.
Preparation for Blended White Russian:

  • 1 1/2 ounces of vodka
  • 3/4 ounce cream
  • 3/4 ounce coffee liqueur.
  • Mix well and pour over ice.

DECOR :- Decorations are the soul of every party. So this is where you let your creative ideas soar. The iron throne is quintessential for any GOT inspired party. Hence to get your iron throne replicas, you could either draw or print some of the vinyl stickers available online and attach them to the backrest of the chairs. If you want to do something more intense, glue two empty matchboxes together in the form of a chair. Colour it black. Also, take lots of toothpicks and colour them black too. Once dry, stick the toothpicks to the sides of the matchboxes, in a way similar to the iron throne.
For the banners, print insignias of the various houses (available online) and stick them to small bits of cardboard. You could also make posters & banners similarly.

COSTUME :- With a Game Of Thrones theme party, you’ll have lots of costume ideas to explore. In fact, it can be like an exotic fancy dress party. You could dress up like Sansa, Daenerys, Cersei, Margaery or even Jon Snow, Joffrey if you please. But wouldn’t that require you to comb the internet for ideas or even maybe consult a stylist? We have a better idea. Instead of all that trouble, get your hands on some of the most incredibly funny and witty GOT themed t-shirts we have in store for you.


Any superhero theme party is a splendid idea for birthdays, beach parties or even as a Halloween party. And if that Superhero happens to be Batman, there sure will be plenty of ideas to work with and lots of fun stuff to add all that extra edge.

FOOD & BEVERAGES :- For a party centred on everything Batman, the colour coordination has to be taken care of. From food to decoration everything has to be in sync. All decor supplies have to be in combinations of black and yellow. You could also play with a little grey and white, to add a chic look. There is no particular food item to be added. Everything you serve should be colour coordinated. To start with, artistically stack up Oreos on a plate and place it on the snack table. For snacks, you can have cheese balls, served in paper cups, with the batman logo. Burgers or more precisely Brucegers, Pizza, fried chicken- pretty much anything can be added to your menu. Serve them in paper plates with the batman logo or simply in white, grey or black plates. For the desserts, choose between Vanilla cupcakes with lemon flavoured frosting or chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping.

DECOR :- Adorn your venue with black and yellow balloons. Create or print banners with the batman logo and font. Hang ceiling lanterns in the party colour palette. Add a huge and sturdy signature batman logo at the entrance. Create it using cardboard and black paper. Here you can write a batman quote. Make good use of old discarded boxes by wrapping them in a way that they look like buildings of Gotham city. Place these at any corner of the venue. To add the extra romp, create a cardboard batmobile. This might serve as the selfie zone.

COSTUME :- Gift your guest’s handmade batman capes. Flaunt batman masks. You could dress up as Batman, with the Batman suit and all, but that might get a little too heavy on the budget. Instead, keep things casual. Wear a black t or what’s even better is to get a batman graphic printed t-shirt from We The Chic.


FOOD & BEVERAGES :- A party with Superman as its central figure should have food that’s super in every aspect. You can serve anything as your entree main and desserts. However, customization of the food with the Superman logo with the red and blue background is mandatory. Get the party staples like sandwiches, pizza, fries, chicken wings and more. Name them Lex, Doomsday, Brainiac or simply Superfood. Gulp them down with any blue drink; call it “strength”. Some green jello could serve as Kryptonite. Chicken Popcorn could become miniature versions of planet krypton. You could also serve Kal-El chocolate cakes as dessert along with “special power” chocolate lollies.

DECOR :- Turn your venue into city “Metropolis”. Draw a cityscape with a city skyline paste it onto cardboard. Use them as the backdrop for photos and selfies. Use blue, red and yellow balloons to add drama. Streamers and confetti of the same colour palette could make the ceiling look interesting. Superman cardboard cut-outs, wall decals, banners can add to the magic.

COSTUME :- Gifting your guest’s handmade superman capes and paper masks is a great way to start the party. For a bit more oomph, you could get expensive superman costumes, for just a few moments of fun. But if you want to go the simple, stylish and chic way, visit wethechic.com. We have a really “super” collection of Superman t-shirts, ranging from funny to quirky. Don’t believe it??

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