‘The Mindy Project’ is a TV show that was started and written by the talented Mindy Kaling, who plays a funny yet strangely inspiring Gynaecologist on the show. It is not only largely entertaining but also empowering in a certain way. It is heartening to see a woman play a strong, independent character and carry an entire show on her shoulders, especially when this has not become very common in the entertainment industry. It is refreshing to see that this is not another clichéd, serious medical drama but one that has a wonderful dose of humour. The comedy timing is great and all the actors play their roles with great conviction. The cast is varied, not only by age and personality but also by the places that they come from, with characters from America, Britain and India.

Our relationship with the characters on the show grows just as beautifully as our bond with our TV and couch. The story is developed skillfully and it is a show that is unlike anything that has been done before on television, due to its sheer quality of unconventionality. It not only entertains but also reflects certain issues that are prevalent in a society like racism, gender inequality at the workplace, body shaming, among others. A confident Mindy who is a single mother, successful doctor and fashion diva, who fiercely believes in herself makes us want to have her as our closest friend. It is a show that everyone should watch because of the kind of social barriers that it is breaking, in terms of both diversity and originality. Food-lovers out there will want to cry and hug Mindy at extremely relatable moments, like when she spends the entire time at a fondue station at a party, or when she searches for the remains of a doughnut she threw away. 

Apart from the plotline of the show, for those who love a delightfully good-looking cast, the show stars people like Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Kendra Wilkinson who also play their roles so naturally that it almost becomes impossible to think they are acting. Mindy dates a string of attractive men that one cannot help but pray for half the time she gets with such gorgeous people who have genetics on their side. It is a great series for those who have been looking for a light-hearted depiction in a medical setting, without any blood, gross images and screaming patients (brace yourself for a little of that, though, considering the characters are ob/gyms). This in itself is a commendable thought of nonconformity that the show thrives on. Apart from the innovative storyline, the personality of each character has been given a lot of thought and they are portrayed in all their glory, with many layers to each person, making them as real as they can be. The chemistry between the actors on the show is one to take note of. Best friendships, committed relationships, colleague rapport; all develop so naturally that one cannot point out the exact episode or a time in the story that it became apparent to the viewers that the dynamics of a relationship has changed. This undoubtedly reflects the strength of the script that is what every viewer looks for in a series that they commit their time and Netflix to. 

‘The Mindy Project’ will appeal to everyone, irrespective of the genre that they like, because of the absolute variety and quirkiness of the show. Surprisingly enough to some, it is equally adored by both women who enjoy winding down with some drama and by men who love quality comedy. So, Mindy and all the other characters will not only give you some great laughs but also inspire you, as Morgan, a lovable character on the show said, to be ‘the best, strongest warrior version of yourself’.

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