According to Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins and Joanne Eicher (1992), the social psychology of clothing serves two basic functions – first it acts as a modifier of body processes and secondly as a medium for communication. Thus, the colour of our clothes also plays an important role in the way we are perceived by others. Colours hold meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. Some research proposes that we feel colours more than we see them proving the fact that even the most minute, unconscious of stimuli can have a tremendous impact on our thoughts. Hence, it is always a good idea to choose our clothes according to how we want to project ourselves to others.


YELLOW: The colour yellow establishes a deep connection with our logical faculty, which stimulates our perceptive capacity and other mental processes. As the lightest shade of the spectrum, Yellow is often related to hope and happiness. It induces creativity and stands for pragmatism. Yellow is the colour that helps to analyse situations with a calm mind thus further assisting to make better decisions. Although yellow offers clarity of thought, it is also responsible for igniting agitation and anxiety and tends to make people extremely self-critical. Yellow is related to the ego and our sense of self-worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others. Since the colour yellow vibrates a little faster than other colours, it should be avoided when going through a transition in life. Like red, yellow too is an arresting colour. With this effect on the eyes, yellow can intensify our nervous system activity and make us more alert our senses. The drawback of this effect as psychologists have pointed out is that yellow can prompt people to lose their tempers and induce children to cry. When preparing for an interview, when writing an exam or anything that demands full attention, wear this colour’s t-shirt as it helps to focus your concentration.


WHITE: White is the colour of purity, sublimity and fruition. Personifying peace and calm, white, prompts the cleansing of your emotional processes. It promises equality and freedom. The colour of light, white is the only colour that breaks up to give rise to all the other colours of the spectrum. While white is the colour of the wedding gown for one faith on the contrary it becomes the attire of the widow, for another. Thus, the colour of joy for one culture is also the colour of mourning for another. Often regarded as the colour of sanctity, white, the colour of the snow can also denote detachment, objectivity and neutrality and bring in a sense of void. Technically, White, like black, is not a colour but a neutral medium. Unlike black though — which is the absence of colour — white reflects all the other colours in the colour wheel. Fashionistas consider white as a shade that offers a sprucing effect to the wearer. For men, wearing a white button down or a t-shirt when meeting your future in-laws will immediately create a favoured impression. White is also a great summer shade that complements all other colours.


GREY: On one hand Grey is the colour of maturity and responsibility while on the other it symbolises isolation. Born from the union of white and black, grey, is the colour of accommodation or compromise, thus it is at once radiant and bewildering. Grey has a balancing effect on other colours with which it comes into contact, thus toning down the powerful and vivid colours and intensifying the softer hues. Apart from white and black, Grey contains elements of other colours like blue, green, pink, mauve and yellow. Excessive use of grey leads the feeling of depression and indecision. Avoid wearing grey when you feel overwhelmingly lonely.


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BLACK: The colour of mystery, Black is often regarded impious and stands as the antithesis of white. Emanating power and inspiring a sense of overawe, Black is a daunting colour that demands sovereignty. This colour absorbs negative energy and is associated with self-control. Appraised as sophisticated, black is the favourite colour for most fashion events ‘the little black dress’, or ‘the black-tie event’, being the few instances that prove the point. While it is suggested to wear black to instate authority, it is not recommended to don the colour when trying to establish a friendly relation. Owning to its protean nature, fashion wizards view black as the shade that’s always in vogue. Save a few shades of brown, there’s never any accessory or clothing item that doesn’t look good paired with black. The black T-shirt is one of the classiest and the most essential clothing item every person should own. The classic black button or t-shirt will never go out of style. Black snips down flaws and imperfections and imparts a sliming effect. It’s also great at hiding dirt, stains and wrinkles but wearing black for every occasion though is not a good idea.


BLUE: The colour of the sky and the sea Blue symbolises fidelity, insight and reliance. Linked with tranquillity and phlegmatism Blue with its close affinity towards black projects authority and dependability. It exhibits a sense of security and confidence. Blue is the colour of self-expression and the person wearing this colour constantly feels the need to speak his or her mind. Wearing blue to establish power and composure is highly recommended. As the colour issues respect, Blue t-shirts or other pieces of clothing can also be sported while conveying an important message. Wearing this colour may help you to accomplish your mission with dexterity and eventually earn high yielding results. On the flip side however, steely, greyish hues of blue also has an affinity to exude an air of indifference. Given its versatility, it’s always good to keep your wardrobe stocked with blue. Blue t-shirts are easy to pair with almost all shades of denims, trousers and shoes. Also, it is appropriate for any situation, no matter how formal or informal.


RED: If you are drawn to red clothing colours, it acts as a compass to indicate your extreme passion, energy, and lively personality. People who like red clothes have a penchant towards expressing their emotions and opinions. Like any other colour Red too comes in an array of shades – ranging from blazing red to chic maroon. Aside from looking healthy and sexy this colour, imparts the wearer with a stunningly romantic look. Red matches well with darker pants, plus a pair of black leather shoes that matches the texture and colour of your belt. Also keep in mind the event you are attending. Red t-shirts or shirts are not to fall back on during funerals and it is imprudent to opt for the colour for occasions –like job interviews or meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

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