Knock knock knock READER!
Knock knock knock READER!
Knock knock knock READER!

BIG BANG THEORY, the TV show which deserves much more applause than it already has. A show not only for science nerds but also for the normal people. The show was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Fun fact, Chuck Lorre has been the creator of Two and a Half men too. May it be Sheldon’s life tragedies or Leonard’s parental issues, this show never fails to amaze us. I really love the idea that we can actually have fun being nerds *self-realization*. The plot of the show is 4 scientists who want to make the better of their life, making the better out of our life. Leonard and Sheldon are roommates, Raj (obviously Indian) and Howard are their friends. One fine day a girl named Penny moves in, inside Leonard’s building. This changes their lives and then a lot of changes take place.

The Big Bang Theory Cast by We The Chic India

Why I personally like this show is why everyone else should like this show. Every viewer can connect to this show who has ever been a nerd. And even if not, they would know what is the life of a person who loves to study or learn. This show has been running for 10 straight seasons and is going to get going for more. The reason why anyone should watch TBBT is because there is no one who has never come across a nerd.

TBBT changes your life and mentality a lot as you watch it. It tells you that there is a lot of fun outside of bars, cafés and smelly cats. *did he just say that? No, I wrote It.* and the fact that IMDB doesn’t give an above 8 ratings to anyone. TBBT also features a lot of celebs, not only in the field of science. Stephen Hawking is a recurring character along with Will Wheaton. The show references to a lot of games, TV SHOWS and Opinions. This show also focuses on why nerds are like that. Which has a really simple explanation, “PARENTS”. The characters have a lot of arguments and the best way to solve it is obviously, stone paper scissors LIZARD SPOCK. And even better, that is Sheldon’s spot. This show also references to superheroes a lot.

Now coming to Raj, must’ve heard the name? *instant DDLJ nostalgia*. Raj comes from the mysterious land of India. His father is a rich guy. Really rich. Raj has a problem though, he couldn’t speak in front of girls without the use of alcohol. Anyhow the show progresses and a lot of stories unfold.

I don’t know what fun is but I do know that the definitions differ for each individual. The Big bang theory never fails to amaze us with their simple plot but yet, elegant script. The fact that there are nerds in this world is very much under noticed and I’d like to thank Chuck Lorre for this. TBBT is truly one of the best TV shows to ever air. By the way do not forget to checkout We The Chic’s oh so awesome collection of The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts.

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