Tom And Jerry T-Shirts & Merchandise India

Tom and Jerry is a show that everyone identifies with their childhood. It is truly rare to find someone who would not have seen at least one episode of this famous show. It was and still is every child’s favourite. But calling it a childrens’ show would be a great injustice to the wonder that Tom and Jerry is, for I personally know a lot of adults who would still gladly spend hours watching the cartoon that formed a major part of their childhood. The love-hate relationship of this famous duo is something that left us in splits when we watched their antics. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, this show is surely one amongst the most popular television shows of all time, among people of all ages. They banked on the relationship of a cat and a mouse and that worked wondrously well for them, with Tom and Jerry even coming up with feature films. It is truly amusing to note that the entire show runs only based on the antics and connection that the two animals share. There is and even voices are reserved for other characters, like the dogs or the humans, who have minimal involvement. The protagonists’ story is entirely conveyed through expressions and visuals and that is praiseworthy. Having a means to show our love for Tom and Jerry would make a lot of us fans happy and that is exactly what We The Chic has for you. With our collection of T-shirts that will help you make a fashion statement every time you step out in them, splurge on what makes you remember your childhood with a smile!