Suits T-Shirts & Merchandise India

A legal drama that starts with one of the finest lawyers, Harvey Specter hiring a drug dealer, Mike Ross who is running from the police, only because Specter recognizes his genius surely promises to be a show with a good plot and an intelligent script. The title suits itself is a clever pun, where the characters almost always appear in suits and they file law suits as well. Created and written by Aaron Korsh, the series has gained a lot of popularity internationally as well as in India. Mike Ross does not have a formal degree and having to maintain his secret is something that forms a major plotline of the show, with several interesting cases that their law firm gets involved in, forming the other plotlines. It is intensely gripping and the show will have you captivated from the very beginning. ‘Suits’ admirers are present everywhere and they will swear by this show, for it has become close to an obsession for them. So why not go a step further and treat yourself with fan merchandise as well? We The Chic has a great collection that will have you wanting to declare your love for the series to the world, so get shopping now!