Sherlock T-Shirts & Merchandise India

Based on the books by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, the most famous detective in the history of literature makes a very famous appearance on television on the series, ‘Sherlock’. The protagonist, played by the very talented Benedict Cumberbatch, is Sherlock Holmes, who is an extremely intelligent detective. The other important character, Doctor John Watson, who is Sherlock’s friend and the narrator of his experiences, is played by Martin Freeman. Set in present-day, the series is a crime drama created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. It is a wildly popular show that has not only been loved by the general audience but also by the critics. It has received several awards and has been nominated numerous times for the Emmy, Golden Globe and other prestigious awards. It is a continous series with each episode being linked to the other. Though some may perceive it to be quite dark, it is this very mysteriousness that lends it the beauty of the genius that the show is. Fans of Sherlock can rejoice now, because We The Chic has a collection of T-shirts that will have you all jump with joy, so without further ado, go check it out and get ‘Sherlocked’!