Rick And Morty T-Shirts & Merchandise India

It is not very common to see successful adult animated television shows and this rarity is exactly what makes Rick and Morty such a popular show amongst people. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the show follows the adventures of Rick who is a mad scientist and his grandson, Morty who accompanies him on these escapades. Other characters of the Smith family, Jerry and Beth who are Ricky’s parents and his sister, Summer are just as colourful as the titular characters. Beth’s father, Rick Sanchez lives with his daughter’s family. The show not only shows us the wonders of science in this world but also takes us to different dimensions in space and time, with the grandfather-grandson duo visiting other planets as well on their adventures. The way they balance each other out is truly wondrous, with fourteen year old Morty often bringing Rick back to reality when he goes too far out of the boundaries of a principled life. For fans of this show, there can be nothing more exciting than having ways to declare their love for this show through cool merchandise, for they are not easily available in India. But We The Chic has changed that with our collection of trendy T-shirts that will have fans of Rick and Morty giggling with joy!