Jimi Hendrix T-Shirts & Merchandise India

Think of rock music, think of an electric guitar, think of famous musicians and you cannot escape without getting a thought of Jimi Hendrix. Quoting The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he is ‘arguably one of the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music.’ For someone to be tagged the best at what he is doing is what everyone hopes for and Jimi Hendrix worked his way till the top. Touted as the ultimate classic rock guitarist, listeners of rock and roll music cannot praise Jimi Hendrix enough. With songs like ‘Hey Joe’, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ and ‘Purple Haze’, he has made a place for himself a not only amongst hard-core music lovers but also those who enjoy a little bit of melody here and there. When we think of Jimi Hendrix, we inevitably get the image of the man with afro hair in colourful jackets with a guitar hanging across his body. His style has become iconic and it is this very uniqueness that We The Chic has captured here through our cool designs of the new collection. So for all the Jimi Hendrix fans, here is a place that will transform your style to be just as exceptional as your hero’s.