Flash DC T-Shirts & Merchandise India

Superhuman speed is a power that we all wish we had, especially in the 21st century but how many of us when given this ability will use it for the benefit of society? Surely, not many, which is precisely why Flash is a superhero who inspires us with every adventure of his. Barry Allen, who becomes ‘Flash’ after he is struck by lightning when a particle accelerator goes wrong, becomes a hero with a red costume, who uses his powers to save the world. What is more amusing is that due to his lighting-fast (pun unintended!) speed, he can even travel across time zones, making him a human time-travelling machine of sorts. When the TV series, ‘The Flash’ was introduced to our television screens in 2014, it truly exceeded our expectations with a great plot and a well put-together cast. When it comes to superheroes, fan merchandise is an area that becomes almost inevitable. If you are a fan of a hero, it is imperative that you own at least a few products that display your admiration and taste. What better than a T-shirt that you can wear to nearly every occasion, to showcase your personality? We The Chic has made it so much simpler for you to do so, with the great online shopping experience that we provide, which is already so popular in major cities across India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore. But you must be warned that even though the shopping has become easier, you will surely have a tough time deciding which tee to buy, with the numerous innovative designs in our collection. So be prepared!