Dexter's Laboratory T-Shirts & Merchandise India

Put together a genius child who thrives on science experiments in a secret laboratory, an annoying sibling and a rivalry with a fellow prodigy and you have the famously hilarious television series, Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network. It is truly easy to admire Dexter, who is a highly intelligent boy, very well aware that he is a genius. With an accent developed solely on the basis that all well-known scientists have thick accents, he waltzes his way through his interesting life filled with inventions and experiments in his secret laboratory, hidden away behind a bookshelf in his bedroom. His nemesis is just as bright as Dexter is, with a lab of his own, where he conducts experiments but uses them for rather evil purposes. To break the monotony of the intellectual environment of the show is Dexter’s older sister who may be termed as foolish in a lot of circumstances, especially those that involve her breaking into his lab and carelessly mishandling his equipment. Fans of this show are present in every place, with people from all ages. The bespectacled genius is truly lovable and where animation is involved, can graphic tees take a back seat? Surely not! We The Chic has a collection of organic T-shirts that are already quite popular in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Pune. Be a trend-setter with these colourful tees that are so easily available, thanks to the wonder of online shopping. So wear those black thick-rimmed glasses, sport a trendy T-shirt and you’re good to go!