I don’t know about the television scene outside India. But in India, prior to The Big Bang Theory there was no show which depicted the life problems of nerds (especially from the field of engineering and mathematics). And that was another reason why Big Bang Theory became such a massive hit in our country given the number of Engineers we churn out every year. We The Chic as a company deal into organic cotton t-shirts for men and women in India. The official licensed merchandise collection of The Big Bang Theory is one of our quite popular section on the website. Feel to browse through all the designs we have and don’t forget to keep checking us every week since we keep uploading new designs frequently.

The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts & Merchandise In India by WeTheChic™

“I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested” - Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. “The Big Bang Theory” it is. A legendary television sitcom. This show in today’s world is such a hit, as it revolves around four genius nerdy scientists, Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Dr. Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), Dr. Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali), and Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz), who are locked up being oblivious of the social conventions and are highly socially awkward. Sheldon and Leonard are roommates and Raj and Howard show up at their place to watch movies, play games or have dinner. The spice to the show is added by Penny, the hot neighbour of Sheldon and Leonard who ends up altering their “perfectly stable” and uneventful life. Leonard ends up falling in love with Penny, who is an absolute counter personality to him, so it is really funny to watch him trying to convince her with his own little moves. But the main source of humour is undoubtedly, Sheldon (don’t forget to check out the shirts he wears), who is also one of the best characters on TV ever. However, there is addition of more characters over 9 seasons of this show. The remarkable fact about the show is that it features not-so- attractive guys and how cool they are in their own way and how they eventually get out of their spots yet somehow manage to stay a kid at heart. The Big Bang Theory is defiantly the show for nerds, the people who are looked down upon for being geeky and are bullied for being the same. They actors portray the characters so well and they display their life in such a way, it’s hard to tell them apart now. It has so much relatable content to it that the viewer is connected it the character’s personality instantly. They have so many references from actual science researches and fandoms that generally go around to everyone else in the real world, it really seems to have made us all fall in love with the show. There is science, there is comedy, there is romance, there are cringe worthy moments too, but every minute of the show is worth it because it all started with a big bang.

The Big Bang Theory is such a massive craze in India, that I have often heard people using references of this tv series in day-to-day life. Which also a reason behind the unusual fan following behind Big Bang Theory Merchandise in India. People seem to not get enough of the tshirts designed around this show. And the most popular of the lot has to be a Bazinga tshirt, or tshirt with Sheldon Cooper on it. Go to Quora, and you will find hundreds of people asking, one common question – where to buy Big Bang Theory T-Shirt online in India. At We The Chic, we have one of the largest and coolest collection of Big Bang Theory T-shirts. Our tees come with awesome graphics printed on top of organic cotton t-shirts for both men and women.