There’s been a lot of hoopla over organic t-shirts lately, and most stores around you have stocked these up in a great variety of solids, prints and patterns. But that still leaves us wondering, how good exactly are these t-shirts? Here are a few reasons that will make you understand why organic is possibly the best thing that happened to the world:

We The Chic Organic Cotton T-Shirt

1. They Are Comfortable
The fabric not only looks uber-chic, but also is quite comfortable on the body, controlling how much you sweat and giving you the much-needed airy relief during peak summers. No wonder athletes, fitness freaks, dancers and the likes love these t-shirts.

2. They Are Soft and Allergy-Free
While conventional cotton is found to be uncomfortable by a lot of people because of the occasional itchiness it may cause, organic cotton deserves the throne hands down for being soft and allergy-free. It does not rub hard against the skin and you do not breathe in the toxins from the fabric. That’s why it is perfect for babies and kids. But then again, even adults need that soft pampering once in a while, so perhaps, everyone deserves a few of these in their wardrobe.

3. They Are Durable
Organic cotton is considered to be more durable than regular cotton, simply for the reason that the former is exposed to lesser chemicals. That basically means that the fiber is not as worn out as in the case of conventional cotton. Such t-shirts are therefore, perfect for adventure and outdoor activities.

4. They Are Environment-Friendly
Organic cotton is cultivated in an environment-friendly manner, which means that there is lesser use of pesticides and other chemicals. So each time you don a cool organic t-shirt, you are also doing your bit towards protecting the environment and saving the planet. Plus, you are protecting your own health, as well as famers’ health with lesser exposure to such harmful chemicals.

5. Lesser Costs For Farmers
Organic cotton requires lesser water and lesser resources in general, so it saves a lot of money to the farmers. They are able to invest little, yet earn more. And on the macro level, unnecessary expenditures on synthetic pesticides, anti-wrinkle chemicals and other processes is cut down considerably.

By the way did you know, our t-shirts at We The Chic are made from 100% organic cotton.

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