Game of Thrones; three words that have been chanted by almost everybody ever since the first season released way back in 2011, is a show that is undoubtedly the most loved series by the previous and current generations alike. The first episode’s title ‘Winter is coming’ has become so famously known that even those who do not watch Game of Thrones are familiar with this phrase. Created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, this show is unbelievably intriguing and the world of GoT is one that is built with so much thought that it has our brains furiously working with every episode. The fantasy drama has created a place of its own where the Iron Throne is a coveted spot that is being fought for, from where the ruling House can have power over the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones has an unpredictable storyline that keeps us glued to the screen. The setting is incredible, with each character etched out flawlessly. They are all well rounded characters who develop as the story progresses. We, as viewers, become extremely attached to them as the script and dialogues have been so convincingly written. The realistic scenes and fantastic acting transport us to their world effortlessly.

The first seven seasons saw us following the struggle and drama of the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens as well as the many subplots that took us through the turbulent yet intriguing relationships of the characters. The wars, the love, the betrayal, the defeat and the triumph were all depicted so seamlessly that it gave the impression of not only a well-written story but also a well-executed television series. The characters have such complex personalities with several layers that leave us mystified with every action of theirs. Seasons 1 to 7 developed with some of the most shocking twists in television history, like Shae betraying Tyrion, Jaime’s losing his hand, Tyrion killing Shae, Ygritte’s death, Ned being beheaded and the scandalously appalling Red Wedding. They were all startling plot twists that blew our minds because of their absolute unpredictability. Season seven of Game of Thrones was the latest season that had us all captivated. Here is a quick recap of the last season before we move on to tell you what to expect in the final one. The seventh season consisted of only seven episodes, unlike the other seasons that had ten. This season was mainly centered around tying the loose strings of the previous seasons as well as moving the story towards a conclusion. We see Daenerys Targaryen clash with the Lannisters when she arrives with her dragons and army in the land of Westeros. The White Walker army is perceived as a major threat by Jon Snow as he attempts to unite with Daenerys to fight against the White Walkers. The army of the dead also contravenes the Wall and enters the Seven Kingdoms. In the last episode titled ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’, we see Jon and Daenerys finding love, while Cersei reveals that she plans to use the Golden Company of Braavos to gain control over Westeros. Littlefinger is executed by Arya on the advice of Sansa, for his act of treason against House Stark. Samwell meets Bran and they soon realise that Jon is actually a Targaryen named Aegon. He is the heir to the Throne and meanwhile, the Army of the Dead march South by breaking the Wall.

Season 8 is the final season that is expected to be released either in 2018 or 2019. The war between the White Walker army and the people; the living and the dead is definitely predictable. We may also see how the White Walkers came into existence, which is a story that a lot of us are curious to know. Jon Snow’s true identity as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark will be revealed to the Seven Kingdoms. We may also see Daenerys having a child. We hope to see Arya Stark tricking everyone, being the badass smart woman that she is. Theon Greyjoy will also try to rescue Yara, as we saw him set off in the seventh season to release her. The ultimate downfall and slow death of Cersei is also hoped for. Apart from these, we also expect to see relationships being fixed and maintained and the ‘good’ characters emerging triumphant.

The Iron Throne surely had us all at the edge of our seats and we expect nothing less from the final season. So, with tremendous anticipation and excitement, we wait for Game of Thrones to take our breath away yet again. Don’t forget to checkout We The Chic’s drool-worthy collection of Game Of Thrones Tees in India.

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