While the season 6 of the show is right around the corner, we thought of doing a review for the previous season for those who haven’t watched it yet, or worst, are planning to jump right on to sixth one. Riding high on the success of the past 4 seasons, season 5 of this highly popular American TV show did not disappoint.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Poster Tyrion Lannistor | We The Chic India.

“When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground” and keeping up with this, Season 5 is a whirlpool of cut throat drama (literally and figuratively!). Death in Westeros is brutal, sneaky and everywhere.

This series enjoys a new-found liberation from the source material as it approaches the point that passes what Martin has published. The show seems freer than ever and the thrills are even more unexpected.

Previously supporting characters, including Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane), Varys (Conleth Hill) and Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) have grown in such complexity and significance that “supporting” is no longer an accurate descriptor, while the surviving original main characters have become far more multidimensional than is traditional for an epic tale.

This season sees Arya Stark enter The House of Black and White. This Stark has had her own winter to face and has emerged stronger and harder.
Meanwhile, Daenerys is emerging in power and with it comes tough decisions. She and Tyrion join hands but at the end we see her surrounded by unknown forces in an unknown land. This end is bound to leave the viewers contemplating on what can and would happen.

While, the story slogs along a bit in the middle, it gathers its high tide towards the end. In this season “Sons of the Harpy” are introduced who are an underground insurgency group fighting the rule of Daenerys over Meereen. Meanwhile, all is not well at the King’s Landing where the royalties face a threat by the highly religious “Sparrows”. Hell opens loose at Cersei when she is charged with committing adultery with Lancel Lannister.

At The Wall, initially though Jon Snow is named the Commander of the Watch, conspiracy brews deep about him. In the last episode we see him hanged by his “brothers” of the Night’s Watch.

The one scene that left me with shudders and Goosebumps was undoubtedly Cersei’s walk of shame. This scene cannot be portrayed through words. The shame, the violence, the anger and the reactions are bound to leave the viewers in a state of trance.

As, with all the other seasons this season of GOT leaves us wanting for more and contemplating on what is to be and who more are going to join in this game of thrones – power, lust, fantasy! By the way don’t forget to checkout Game Of Thrones Merchandise brought to you by We The Chic India – The organic clothing store.


  1. Tejas Gill says:

    I sometimes so desperately wish that game of thrones people should come to india too and shoot some of their episodes here. We have so much beauty and we’ll also get to meet the cast.

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